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Wellness coaching programs for your employees, wherever they are

Create positive habits that last

You want to reach all your employees but your teams are geographically dispersed? Our digital coaching programs help your employees maintain good habits over the long term, wherever they are and whatever their goals. No more yoga classes which take place only at the headquarter. Include EVERYONE in your wellness policy. Without breaking the bank.

Goalmap app, internal social network, e-learning platforms, newsletters: our coaching programs can be deployed everywhere.

The 10 Commandments

Duration : 10 weeks - By Damien Catani

You want to introduce positive change in your life ? Become the best version of yourself ? In this 10-week program, you will learn how to clarifiy your vision, set goals, reach them, and embark on an authentic personal development journey.

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Boost my productivity

Duration : 31 days - By Damien Catani

How can I get organized and prioritize tasks? Which techniques can help me better control my time? How can I do my job to build a better work-life balance? With just a few simple habit changes, you can manage your time better a save 5 to 10 precious hours per week. Don't work harder, work smarter!

This program will give you the keys to enhance your productivity.

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Ways to better sleep

Duration : 50 days - By goalmap

Do you sometimes lack energy or focus, or feel irritated? Then you probably don't sleep well enough. Do you want to feel more energetic or more jovial? You can achieve that by improving your sleep quality.

In this program, we give you the keys to get there, identify the things you should avoid and the habits you can build to become a sleep master!

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The pillars of a healthy diet

Duration : 12 weeks - By Martine Vimond-Catani

Building a healthy diet is not about making drastic changes only to relapse a few weeks later. In order to obtain sustainable results, you have to make little tweaks to your daily routine, build better habits progressively and without frustrating yourself.

In this 12-week program, we will review the key aspects of a balanced diet. We will talk a little bit about the theory, but will mostly focus on the practical aspects, with concrete how-to examples.

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With Goalmap, improve your company’s wellness. Without breaking the bank.

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