How we came about

goalmap evolved from the idea that we can be the architects and alchemists of our own lives and become the person we truly are. It's a simple concept: we want an app that will have all your goals in one place and where you can receive valuable support and analysis on how you're tracking your life goals. An app that will help you stick to your resolutions.

Get to know the team

We aim at being a leading player in the digital coaching space. And we are resolved to make it happen!

Damien Catani

Inventor / Conductor

I believe that the meaning of life is to reach resonance. I have spent years developing a methodology and a tool to help me on this journey. It's now time to share it. On a more mundane note, I also love endurance sports and rock'n'roll.
Top 3 Goals
  1. Be good to my family and friends.
  2. Play live with my rock band in front of 1,000+ people.
  3. Complete the Norse Man triathlon.

Joachim Chevry


I am in my Masters' Degree's last year (Information Architecture) at ENS Lyon. I am specialized in user interface design for web applications. I can also be found from time to time making hip hop or playing football.
Top 3 Goals
  1. Produce a solo album (hip hop).
  2. Travel to Australia.
  3. Win the regional league with my football team.

Thibault Mahé

Front-end Designer

I design, experiment and develop interfaces and digital experiences consistent with users. Setting goals helps me to improve myself. I also enjoy playing football, listening to hip-hop music and reading sci-fi.
Top 3 Goals
  1. Make my family proud.
  2. Learn how to play the piano.
  3. Write a fictional book.

Raphaël Marques

Developer — Code Awesomizer

I'm a new-tech addict. I like to challenge myself, set ambitious goals, and give my very best to reach them. Besides playing with code, I enjoy listening to music and watching movies with my friends - cold beer is a major asset!
Top 3 Goals
  1. Drive down Route 66 with my friends.
  2. Travel the world.
  3. Learn something new every day.

Baptiste Tournois

Code Propeller

I'm a student at 42 and an intern with goalmap. I love to code stuff that improves everyday life. Goals help me progress every day, and push the level up and up. I enjoy football, running and tennis - and pretty much all other sports.
Top 3 Goals
  1. Improve my English.
  2. Get to a decent level in my favourite sports.
  3. Contribute to the success of a startup.

Arthur Catani

Business Developer / Propaganda Organizer

After graduating from HEC Paris, I left for a one-year world trip by bike with my girlfriend before joining goalmap, where my mission is to build a lively community and an economically viable ecosystem around the goalmap platform.
Top 3 Goals
  1. Prepare another big trip by bike with my girlfriend.
  2. Learn Russian and Arabic.
  3. Become a good cook and prepare delicious meals for family and friends.