Program duration : 50 days

Ways to better sleep

goalmap is a coaching app that helps you set your life goals and stick to your resolutions with motivational programs

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Do you sometimes lack energy or focus, or feel irritated? Then you probably don't sleep well enough. Do you want to feel more energetic or more jovial? You can achieve that by improving your sleep quality.

In this program, we give you the keys to get there, identify the things you should avoid and the habits you can build to become a sleep master!

What you'll get

  • 8 long reads
  • 22 actionable tips

They loved this program

I needed a coaching program to help me optimize my energy and be more productive during the day. Sleep plays such a crucial role! The tips and long articles of this program helped me a lot!


The expert

goalmap already helps more than 200,000 people reach their goals and build better habits. At goalmap, we strongly believe that the various aspects of our life are interconnected. And sleep -which takes about 1/3 of our lives- is clearly a cornerstone of life balance.