Ready to reach your goals in 2020?

Goalmap is the personal development app that wants what is good for you, a real coach in your pocket to help you keep your good resolutions.

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Transverse approach to well-being

The different aspects of our lives are all interconnected. Having a holistic approach is the key to happiness and behaviour change.

We only manage what we measure

When it comes to changing behaviour and achieving goals, measurement plays an essential role.

Supportive and motivating coaching

Self-realisation is a difficult yet exciting journey! We support you throughout this journey with care.

Make your dream life come true

Are you tired of taking good resolutions that you quickly abandon due to a lack of motivation? Do you want to motivate yourself to live a healthier life, have a better diet, or be more productive every day? Try Goalmap, your new wellness coach!

Define your vision

Define your long-term goal, complete your action plan, clarify obstacles and expected outcomes. You are now better prepared to make positive changes in your life!

Set clear goals

Choose your good habits, for example sleeping 8 hours a day or meditating 3 times a week. Dozens of goals are available in all areas of well-being: Sleep, Stress Management, Productivity, Nutrition, Physical Exercise, etc.

Create good habits

Tracking of your progress in a fun way helps you become aware of what you have done and measure what remains to be. This will motivate you to create positive habits and stick to your resolutions. You just found the app that will help you fight procrastination.

Stay motivated with our podcasts

Access our wellness coaching library: 7 or 21-day programmes, podcasts prepared with leading experts, inspiring stories shared by our users. New podcasts about wellbeing and personal development are released regularly.

And other features to stop procrastinating ...

Goals recommendation

KarateKat, your motivational coach, asks you a few questions and recommends targets based on your answers. Pretty smart, isn’t he?

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Creating custom goals

You did not find the goals you were looking for? No problem, create your own goals!

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Definition of the action plan

To achieve your goals, it is crucial to visualise the results you want to achieve beforehand, and to anticipate any obstacles you may encounter along the way.

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Performance graphs

Our weekly performance chart allows you to assess where you stand each week. You will better understand your reactions and adjust your actions.

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Encouraging reminders

Throughout your self-realization journey, the app supports you with funny reminders to help you achieve your goals.

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Inspiring content

Motivational quotes and inspirational tips for your personal growth every day! We do everything we can to help you stay motivated.

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Anonymous data

  • Strictly confidential data policy
  • Hosted on secure servers, located in France
  • No sharing with third parties

Expert content

  • Coaching programmes written with our experts
  • Certified and carefully selected experts
  • You are in good hands!

400 000 people achieved their goals with Goalmap. What about you ?


According to Google Play ratings

"I have to say that this app has become very important to help me reach my goals! Applause."

Karina, Google Play

"Very motivational! I am loving this app! It gives me a boost of energy every morning."

Wazheem, Google Play

"Really enjoying this app! Helps me remember my goals each day. LOVE that we can choose how many times throughout the day to alert us. Love it!»

Francki23, App Store

Exercise 3 times a week

What I like about Goalmap is the ability to set goals and follow them to achieve them and thus progress on your journey.

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Julien Castel

Dev perso blog author

Read 10 minutes a day

I was able to broaden my knowledge thanks to this goal. It represents one book per month on average. I let you imagine the direct repercussions on yourself! This has a real impact on my life month after month.

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Goalmap user

Goalmap Prime, to realize your full potential

49 ,99€ per year after a 7-day free trial or 9,99 € with monthly subscription.

Installez Goalmap dés maintenant. Abonnez-vous à Goalmap Prime directement sur l'appli !

Unlimited access to podcasts

Access the entire personal development library to stay motivated. New podcasts are released regularly.

Unlimited choice of habits

You have a lot of goals? With Prime status, set as many goals as you want.

Invest in yourself

Invest in your well-being and personal growth, it is totally worth it!

Cancel anytime

With a few clicks, from your iTunes or Android account.

For you or your company

We also offer our mobile application to companies. Our goal is to help employees improve their well-being through personalized and long-term support. Talk to your HR ;)

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