Helping individuals become the best versions of themselves

We help companies evaluate, promote and improve their employees’ well-being.

Well-being encompasses all areas of life

Well-being encompasses all areas of life

At Goalmap, we strongly believe that all areas of life are interconnected. Sustainable solutions require an integrated approach which looks at all aspects of life: nutrition, sleep, exercise, stress management, creativity, financial wellness, work and productivity, learning and mental well-being, etc.

We only manage what we measure

When it comes to changing behavior and achieving goals, measurement plays a vital role. It makes it possible to set quantified goals and to assess progress towards the objectives set. Tracking also helps boost self-awareness. We provide individuals and businesses with a quantified approach with actionable results and put data at the service of everyone's well-being.

Effective solutions should be both physical and digital

The combination of digital and in-person coaching is the most effective mix to foster behaviour change and create long-lasting results. Physical workshops are very useful when it comes to building engagement and inspiration. On the other hand, digital tools help create continuity over time, they are always within reach and have a unique ability to leverage data in order to better serve individual needs.

Companies have a role to play

75% of French employees expect their employer to monitor their health regularly and act as a coach giving advice for their daily lives (Study Santé des salariés et performance des entreprises conducted by Malakoff Médéric (2016). People spend indeed a significant portion of their life at work. When it comes to overall quality of life, companies must therefore be part of the solution.

A family story

Passionate about self-help since their adolescence, Damien and Arthur created Goalmap to share their method with the world.

Photo Damien Catani

Damien Catani - Co-founder, CEO

A graduate of Sciences Po Paris, Damien worked 12 years in finance (JP Morgan, Macquarie, Mubadala) before creating Goalmap. Songwriter, passionate about personal growth and triathlon (French amateur team).

Photo Arthur Catani

Arthur Catani - Co-founder, Marketing

A graduate of HEC Paris, Arthur started the Goalmap adventure after completing a world tour by bike. Guitar lover.

The project story

November 2015

Creation of the company by Damien and Arthur Catani

January 2016

Mobile app launch

June 2017

B2B offer launch

January 2018

200,000 app downloads

April 2018

1st promo of the VillagebyCA accelerator at thecamp

May 2018

Fundraising of 750,000 euros

Our values


We expect the best and give the best of ourselves.


We say what we do and do what we say.


We work for everyone's well-being and fulfilment.

Our mentors and investors

Photo Michael Amar

Michael Amar

Founder of Ifeelgoods

Photo Sofiane Ammar

Sofiane Ammar

Director of VillageByCA Accelerator

Photo Bertrand Bigay

Bertrand Bigay

General Manager of the P.Factory accelerator

Photo Marcel Dridje

Marcel Dridje

President of Sophia Business Angels

Photo Marc Salomon

Marc Salomon

Founder of Anticipation Santé

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Location and contact

We are located in the heart of Paris, in the beautiful neighborhood of Porte Saint Martin.

43 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Martin
75010 Paris

We also have an office in Aix-en-Provence.

thecamp, 550 Rue Denis Papin
13100 Aix-en-Provence

Damien Catani, CEO
+33 (0)6 10 45 70 50

Arthur Catani, marketing
+33 (0)6 17 45 26 05

A motivated team

Triathlete, pastry chef, movie lover, bikepacker, judokas, etc. All passionate about well-being and personal development. One common ambition: help you achieve your well-being goals. Discover our dream team.

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We deliver advice and write in-depth posts on personal development, motivation and well-being on our blog. We also talk about health and well-being employees. Manager, HR professional, CHO: we help you understand the issues at stake when it comes to employee well-being.

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