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We help companies implement efficient actions for employees wellbeing. Our mission: make the company a positive player in everyone's health!

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The company, a place of health prevention

Because individuals spend most of their time working, the company is a natural place for prevention and well-being improvement.

We only manage what we measure

We transform your wellness policy into a real strategic tool for your company and contribute to the improvement of your employees’ wellness.

Physical + digital coaching = 💪

Our wellness programs mix physical and digital coaching for optimal efficiency and long-term improvement of health capital.


Employee's good health is a key issue

In France, the average cost of absenteeism is €4,059 per year per employee

Absenteeism is constantly increasing. "Avoidable" absences for psychological (burn-out) or physical reasons (musculoskeletal disorders) make up for 2/3 of work stoppages. Targeted health prevention initiatives improve absenteeism statistics by reducing risks and lowering accidents.

* Le coût caché de l’absentéisme au travail, Institut Sapien, Nov. 2018
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Employee turnover costs at least 6 months' salary

For each employee who leaves, the company owes recruitment and training costs, and undergoes a loss of skills and productivity. The implementation of a Quality of Life at Work policy reduces turnover by 28%.

* OpinionWay, 2018
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The employer is required to assess and prevent physical and psychological risks

Prevention of risks related to physical activity, training in gestures and postures, psycho-social risk assessment, etc. Companies that provide safety and protect the employees’ health in an innovative way significantly improve their productivity.

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13 340 €: this is the cost of disengagement in France, per year per employee

"Presenteeism" would cost more than absenteeism. Improve your employees' engagement with a better consideration of Quality of Life at Work. A culture that values health and well-being increases everyone's motivation and productivity.

* Indice de Bien-être au Travail, 2018
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A bad employer brand means €3,500 in extra pay per year per employee*.

Candidates are asking for 5% more pay to work in a company perceived as unattractive. A strong wellbeing policy boosts the employer brand and increases the number of qualified applications by 50% to attract the best talents.

* Enquête Winning Talent de LinkedIn
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Take care of your employees with a comprehensive offer

Our goal is to help you achieve your strategic HR KPIs with effective actions for employees’ wellbeing. Our corporate wellness programs mix physical and digital for optimal results: online health surveys, a wide range of wellness activities (workshops, trainings or conferences) and digital coaching.

Our approach is multi-thematic (Sleep, Stress Management, Physical Activity, Nutrition, etc.) for an overall improvement in the physical and mental health of your employees.

Digital tools

With digital coaching, health is in the pocket

Online assessments to self-assess

at the individual level and benefit from personalized tips.

A dashboard on the company side to establish a clear diagnosis

of employees’ wellbeing and identify the best suited actions to the company.

A mobile app to improve physical and mental health

with digital coaching programs that support employees over the long term.

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Expert coaches

A wide choice of wellness initiatives in companies

Conferences for theory

Our conferences on sleep, stress, nutrition, physical inactivity, productivity, etc. inspire your employees to take care of their health and personal growth.

Workshops for practice

During our yoga, meditation, or sophrology workshops, your employees discover or deepen practices to improve their daily well-being.

Individual coaching for more personalization

For a more personalized and confidential approach, your employees benefit from individual coaching with our nutritionists, psychologists, etc.

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Events to raise awareness

Wellness Day at Work, Quality of Life at Work Week, Safety Day, prevention stands: we can make your wellbeing events a success.

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Tailor-made corporate wellness offer

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Wellness assessments

Help your employees evaluate their health with online surveys

Discover our wellness asssessments
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Digital coaching

Our wellness coaching app offers a personalized, continuous and long-term support.

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You have an important role to play

80% of French employees consider that their company has a role to play in their well-being
How about making your employees' health a priority ?

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Customer testimonials

Make employee wellbeing a key success factor

We support companies that value their human capital to set up effective actions to improve their employees’ health. We adapt our solutions to your challenges, your objectives and your employees’ profile.

Employees testimonials

Offer the best to your employees

"These warm-up exercises are useful to avoid many muscle problems."
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Cars Dunois employee

After a muscular awakening session

"Good synthesis on stress management, effective presentation of solutions, makes you want to implement 2 or 3 things."
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Aptar employee

After a training on stress management

"Synthetic and efficient. Clear explanations and exercises that are easy to apply."
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Crédit Agricole employee

After a conference about sleep

"These meditation sessions help to relieve stress and make you more productive at work."

LafargeHolcim employee

After a meditation session

Tangible outcomes


average satisfaction score for wellness activities


overall response rate to our surveys


of participants in our workshops say they have "learned things that are useful for their daily life".

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Do you know the impact of health on your company?

Number of employees in your company

19 158 €

it’s the estimated cost of absenteeism in your company each year 1.


employees expect their company to regularly monitor their health 2.


employees suffer or will suffer from back pain in the absence of a prevention plan 3.

1 Le coût caché de l’absentéisme au travail, Institut Sapien, Nov. 2018

2 Santé des salariés et performances des entreprises, Malakoff Médéric

3 Lombalgies, INRS

Make your employees' health a priority

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