Program duration : 31 days

Boost my productivity

goalmap is a coaching app that helps you set your life goals and stick to your resolutions with motivational programs

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How can I get organized and prioritize tasks? Which techniques can help me better control my time? How can I do my job to build a better work-life balance? With just a few simple habit changes, you can manage your time better a save 5 to 10 precious hours per week. Don't work harder, work smarter!

This program will give you the keys to enhance your productivity.

What you'll get

  • 8 long reads
  • 24 actionable tips
  • 4 videos curated for you

They loved this program

Simple and practical tips to become more efficient, with a proper tool to track progress. That's what I needed. It helped me free a few hours a week, and I am back into arts which I hadn't done since I started to work 6 years ago!


The expert

goalmap already helps more than 150,000 people reach their goals and build better habits. At goalmap, we strongly believe that the various aspects of our life are interconnected. Boosting your productivity means learning how to manage your time more efficiently, which eventually leads to a better work-life balance.
Damien Catani