Program duration : 10 weeks

The 10 Commandments

goalmap is a coaching app that helps you set your life goals and stick to your resolutions with motivational programs

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You want to introduce positive change in your life ? Become the best version of yourself ? In this 10-week program, you will learn how to clarifiy your vision, set goals, reach them, and embark on an authentic personal development journey.

What you'll get

  • 10 long reads
  • 41 actionable tips
  • 10 videos curated for you

They loved this program

This general program on goals and personal growth has done me a lot of good. It's great to be boosted every day with inspiring thoughts, and I loved reading Damien's long tips about motivation.


The expert

Passionnate about personal development since his teenage years, Damien created goalmap to share his method to set, track and reach goals. As an expert on goal-setting and personal growth, he is a featured writer on Forbes, Huffington Post and Lifehack.
Damien Catani