Offer your employees a great way to assess their wellness

Wellometrics, your company’s wellness metrics

Your employees receive 6 online wellness surveys along the year to assess their health.

On the company side, you follow the wellness score of your employees on an anonymous dashboard. For a more detailed analysis, results can be presented by team, location, job type, etc. You can also compare your company’s results to the benchmark.

You choose the best actions to be implemented : our algorithm selects the most adapted initiatives among more than 100 actions.

Wellometrics for you and your staff

Human Resources

With Goalmap, transform your wellness policy into a real strategic tool for your company and contribute to the improvement of your teams’ wellness.

  • Measure the impact of the wellness actions alreadly implemented

    No more driving blind. Having quantified data and listening to your employees transform your wellness policy into a real strategic performance tool.

  • Identify the most adapted actions

    Our algorithm selects the wellness actions that are the most adapted to your company.

  • Implement efficient wellness initiatives

    No more surveys without actions, thanks to our network of experts, we help you move from evaluation to action to improve your employees’ health capital.

  • Highlight your wellness policy

    No more long hours spent sending emails about your wellbeing actions. Our communication support saves you a precious time.


With Goalmap, you are at the center of your company's well-being policy. You are listened to and thanks to your feedback, managers can suggest you wellness initiatives.

  • Assess your wellness

    Our wellness surveys are a powerful self-coaching tool to assess your well-being habits.

  • Identify improvement areas

    Wellness scores, benchmarking to the rest of the population personalized action plan, we help you improve your well-being.

  • Take part in wellness activities that you really enjoy

    No more surveys without actions, thanks to our network of experts, we help you move from evaluation to action to improve your wellbeing.

Why Wellometrics ?

Icone scienceScience-based approach

Our well-being surveys are science-backed and our recommendations are validated by experts.

Icone transversaleTransversal approach to well-being

Our surveys comprehensively cover various aspects of individual wellbeing (stress management, sleep, nutrition, physical activity, etc.).

Icone ludiqueSimple and fun for your employees

In a few minutes, your employees can assess their wellness and benefit from a personalized action plan.

Icone évaluationContinuous well-being assessment

Follow the evolution of your company’s health scores. You can also segment the analysis by team, location, job post, and so on.

Icone mesureMeasuring the impact of wellness initiatives

Identify the most relevant wellness activities and measure the impact of the initiatives implemented.

Icone protection données100% anonymous and protected data

Our surveys are anonymous and strictly confidential. Neither the company nor Goalmap have access to employees’ individual data.

With Goalmap, measure your company’s wellness. Without breaking the bank.