Wellness assessments

We only manage what we measure

With Goalmap wellness assessments, transform your wellness policy into a real strategic tool for your company and contribute to the improvement of your employees’ wellness.

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Fully digital solution

to reach all employees, wherever they are.

Deployable within 24h

for quick results.

53% average response rate

to our questionnaires.

Start with the individual to improve the collective

With our wellbeing assessments, help your employees assess their physical and mental health, and build new positive habits.

Select themes according to your company’s stakes

Choose the themes (Sleep, Nutrition, Physical activity, Stress management, Work-life balance, etc.) and a survey mode that suits your requirements (1 or more themes, one-shot diagnosis or quarterly surveys, etc.).

Listen to your employees

And help us recommend you wellness actions that are the most adapted to your company in order to make your corporate wellness program a success.

Optimize coaches’ interventions within your company

Nutrition survey before a conference about healthy diet, Physical activity assessment before setting up weekly sport sessions, etc.

Employees are loving it

Unlike usual HR surveys, our wellbeing assessment are not just polls for the management, they bring the employees real value, with a personalized action plan.

Assess your wellness

Our wellness surveys are a powerful self-coaching tool to assess your well-being habits, and see where you stand against the rest of the population.

From the evaluation to the action

At the end of the questionnaire, the employee has access to personalized tips. He can follow our recommendations on our coaching mobile app.

Feeling listened to

With Goalmap, each employee is at the center of the company's well-being policy. Initiatives suggested after our surveys are based on needs and demands of each employee.

Trust and security

Our surveys are 100% anonymous and strictly confidential. Employees do their assessments without creating an account or sharing personal data. Neither the company nor Goalmap have access to employees’ individual data.

For HR managers, an actionable health survey

No more surveys without actions, we help you move from evaluation to action, with a wellbeing action plan that can be set up within 10 days.

Assess your employees health and wellbeing

Our surveys enable to have a quantified approach to corporate wellness for more efficiency. Detailed scores, comparison to our benchmark (+10.000 answers), breakdown of scores, etc.

Personalize the survey for a bigger impact

According to your goals, we can add personalized questions and segment our analysis (team, location, job type, etc.) to understand better what is at stake.

Set up efficient wellbeing actions

We produce a detailed analysis of your company’s results. Our action plan can be implemented immediately thanks to our network of +300 experts.

Make your life easier

No more long hours spent sending emails about your wellbeing actions. Our communication support saves you a precious time.

The best wellbeing assessments on the market

Maximal flexibility, optimal engagement

Emails, text messages, posters, flyers in the pay slip. We can adapt our communication mode to reach all employees without discrimination.

A quantified approach for actionable results

We have developed benchmarks and algorithms for scoring and personalized recommendations, both at the individual and collective level.

Science-based approach

Our well-being surveys are based on official recommendations by public Health organizations (WHO) and backed by scientifically recognized studies (Epworth Sleepiness Scale, CSIRO nutrition survey, etc.).

Simple and fun for your employees

We have optimized our questionnaires’ length, design and wording for an optimal user experience.

Security and privacy

« Without respect, no trust can arise* »

Our questionnaires are 100% anonymous and RGPD-compliant. No personal data is shared with Goalmap or the company. Neither the company nor Goalmap have access to employees’ individual data.

Our data is secured and hosted in France, in HADS datacenters (« Hébergeur Agréé de Données de Santé à caractère personnel »), ISO-27001 and guaranteed Tier III. We use a SSL certificate to make sure that noone, between the employee computer and Goalmap server, can catch information or corrupt them.

* Moral Code of Judo
Activités bien-être
Case study

Employees’ wellbeing audit to identify efficient wellness initiatives

For LafargeHolcim, we have done a wellness assessment of employees on various sites in the South East of France and recommended adapted health prevention actions.

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LafargeHolcim (south-east of France)

300 employees - Construction

"Goalmap well-being assessments allowed us to evaluate our teams’ health on different locations, and build a tailor-made action plan for more efficiency."

— Olfa Trabelsi, Health and Safety Development Manager, LafargeHolcim

Tangible outcomes


response rate to our surveys overall.


of employees who start a survey complete it.


of employees recommend the Goalmap surveys.

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